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welcome is a service firm providing unsurpassed high quality technical integration in the area of industrial/organizational psychology since 1997. has been a leader in the online survey and 360 Feedback Process business since it began 22 years ago. We were the first company with an on-line 360 feedback process and have delivered over 2000 ratee reports consisting of over 40,000 rater surveys. We have also successfully, efficiently, and accurately delivered over 100,000 employee, organizational, or customer opinion surveys.

Combining our experience in web design, education in industrial / organizational psychology and human factors, and service in internet development, can provide your company with services such as multi-rater feedback process, real-time surveying, and organizational climate surveying. excels in survey design, layout, and administration; report generation, interpretation, and presentation; problem solving, action planning, and linkage analysis. We can assist you in survey content development as well as usability analyses of your current survey presentation. We can also provide comment transcription, content analysis, and qualitative analyses.'s primary focus is to enable I/O psychologists or consultants to provide web-based 360's, surveys, and other services without the need to have their own technical staff. We let you use our services but label them as yours. This gives you or your company the legitimacy of supporting web-based 360 without any investment of cost or time to develop your own.

If you are here to participate in a feedback process for one of our clients, you missed it by one link! Click on over to our clients & projects list and find your company's name and start there. If you are an interested customer, you will surely want to see our supervised demo. If you contact us here at, we will gladly give you a supervised demo with as little as a few minutes of preparation.

Thanks for inquiring about Our staff of industrial/organizational consultants and experts in technology integration looks forward to the chance to provide your company with exceptional service, Internet expertise, and cutting-edge technology.