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we respect your privacy
There is a lot of concern about on-line privacy and rightly so. If you use our site, your IP address is being stored in our logs. This is a fact of having a web server. The only thing we use the information for is to see where people are logging in from. It satisfies our curiosity and nothing else. This information is not being sold, given, or shared with anyone other than the owner of the web site we are hosting.

What we do share with the owners of the web sites is their web logs. Each site we host is receiving a site log that shows only their data and nothing more. They are also getting a log of referrals; that is, the sites that were linked to them. From these logs, they are able to calculate that x amount of hits were made, y amount of bandwidth was used, and z amount of unique visits were made to their web site. Nothing else. Unless you buy something from us through electronic commerce.

When you perform an electronic transaction with us we obviously have to use your information to connect with the credit card processing center to complete the sale. Your information is then given to the merchant that we are hosting so that they may fulfill your order. We supply them with only the information they need to fulfill your order; unless you agree otherwise.

Agreement to release more information to the merchant will require your indication that it is acceptable. This will usually be found on the order form via a check box or something. Checking this will indicate that you agree to having your complete information turned over to the merchant. What the merchant does with your information is completely out of our control.

All these things are done to provide you with an optimal experience and to minimize the impact on your right to privacy. We respect your privacy and hope other businesses will do the same.

Any and all information received from you or through your usage of this site will be used for prosecution if you attempt to break into our system or to conduct any illegal activities through our systems.