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multi-rater feedback process as a service
Multi-Rater Feedback Processes are our forte. They're why we started this company. We provide an external site for your employees to participate in your process. All of our services are designed around your organization's needs. We customize our system to provide the reports that you want (although we have many statistical reports already available). We also feel that it is important to provide an experience that is integrated with your organization's message. We have a demo to show. Since we require you to be escorted through the demo, you will need to schedule with us. However, we only need about a half hour to prepare.

multi-rater feedback process as a tool is now offering a non-exclusive perpetual licensed copy of our feedback tool ("m360") to organizations that wish to lower their total cost of ownership. The .NET application is for those organizations looking to run an enterprise-scale 360 feedback process while lowering their per ratee administration costs to near zero. The tool provides all the capabilities of our 360 feedback service plus additional features that SQL Server™ and IIS offer. m360 has been tested by a third-party service and shown to support more than 13,000 raters at one time. If you need the tool for an operating system other than Windows™, feel free to call us as we are willing to convert the tool to your desired system.

on-line surveys
As it turns out, real-time surveys are a subset of the multi-level surveying completed during a Multi-Rater Feedback Process. Therefore, provides an external site for your employees or customers to participate in your ongoing or one-time survey. Updates, additional participants, and modifications to the survey are part of the package. If you need survey construction support, we have the ability to do that as well. We can do as few respondents as you need to as many as you want (5 people to 100,000 or more). We have a sample survey & report to view. Feel free to check it out on your own. Given that our survey proces is completely customizable, you should only look at this sample for an idea of how yours would look. We specialize in making the survey look like your survey.

organizational hierarchy expression
We have modified our survey process to support the discovery, validation, or expression of your organizational hierarchy. Each employee only needs to complete a short survey about themselves (this survey is completely customizable) and then indicate the people that report to them. The benefit of such a process is to determine which employee reports to whom as well as to validate information about that employee (i.e., phone number, skills, reporting function, title, etc.). Our process eliminates the need for a single person to determine the validity of such information. can output the resulting data into a format that can be imported into PeopleSoft, SAP, or any of the web-based employee management tools. Data can also be prepared to support your favorite organizational charting tool.